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The President (SRC)


Warmest greetings to us all, wonderful students of College of Health and Well-Being , Kintampo.

I am much grateful to the student body for the confidence posed in me to lead the entire student body for the next academic year.

We started this year with our hearts filled with hopes, most of us met January with plans, dreams and aspirations. Surprisingly, there has been turmoil, it has been rough and hard for most of us. We have been through unpleasant experiences none of us was prepared for. Normal life has been tempered, hence the saying that we are not in normal times.

Beside the lesson that life is full of surprises and the tough ones must sail through the storm no matter what, we have also learnt difficult situations must not break us down, but spur us on and toughen us to be more resistant. I have critically compared the pandemic to the situation of our dear College and there is no better example of a pandemic than our Students Representative Council, because of how we have adjusted ourselves to suit the tough life academics pose to us.

SRC, being the official mouthpiece of students, carries the mandate to deepen the lives of students, adding value to them and making them earn more than just the A4 sheet certificate. Capacity building, empowerment, academic and welfare support schemes, among others are the shining responsibilities of the SRC.

This administration has made a more promising and greener mouthpiece for the Students with reassurance on an undying focus on the mandate to ensure probity and accountability and the judicious use of the SRC funds, organizing leadership and entrepreneurship programs, seeking and fighting for the welfare of students.

The NEW DAWN has come to stay.


Long live Ghana.

Long live College of Health and Well-Being

Long live SRC


Maame Ama Pomaah Appiah-Adjei

SRC President, COHwK