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Deputy Director Administration


Emmanuel Ofori is an infectious disease control officer by profession and educationist by vocation. He is very interested in training and retraining of students who wish to work directly on a multidisciplinary practical approach to the control of infectious diseases, and to equip students with specialised skills that will facilitate a career in the control of infectious diseases.

Further, to develop students’ experience and understanding of research methodologies, and the philosophical and theoretical approaches that underpin them, so that they are able to contribute to knowledge in the field of education.

Ofori, with a Master of Science in Control of Infectious Diseases from the University of London (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) in the United Kingdom, contributed to the fight against Onchocerciasis in West Africa, and also participated in the Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) in Tanzania, East Africa. Further, with Masters in Social Research in Education from the University of Winchester in the United Kingdom, he develops students’ ability to critically apply general research skills to specific topics in the field of education.

Most of his career has been spent in teaching, disease control activities, and research. He spent eight (8) years on the Kintampo Health Research Centre Institutional Ethics Review Committee (KHRCIEC). Ofori was a member of the curriculum development committee which set up the following under listed programmes at Rural Health Training School, now College of Health And Well-Being, Kintampo:

  • Direct Medical Assistant
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Registered Dental Surgery Assistant
  • Community Oral Health Officer
  • Community Mental Health and
  • Health Promotion And Social Marketing

The Curriculum Development Committee was set up to ensure that the College’s programmes and courses meet the needs of students, business and industry, and the local community.

Ofori is currently the Deputy Director – Administration, at the College of Health and Well-Being, Kintampo. He chairs a significant number of committees in the College, and ensures that the institution produces hardworking, dedicated, committed, knowledgeable, and competent and well-disciplined students to meet the local and international standard.

 He is a team player both in the classroom and field, and continue to show commitment towards the smooth running of College of Health and Well-Being administration’s efforts and collaborate with the Government, our regulators and host communities to create value and improve lives.

Ofori, alumnus of College of Health and Well-Being, Kintampo, strongly believes that with rapid growth and a multicultural population, College of Health and Well-Being is the perfect place to study.