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Payment of Fees

Payment Information

Student fee payment is integral to the registration process. Students must at least pay the minimum required, fees before they will be allowed to undertake the Academic and Residential registration.

Approved Fees Schedule

A.  Students must take note of the following when making payments:

  1. Only pay fees at College of Health APPROVED BANKS(listed below).
  2. All deposits at the bank should be made with a FEE DEPOSIT SLIP.
  3. All deposits at the bank should be made with CASH ONLY.
  4. Always ensure the STUDENT INDEX NUMBER and NAMES are correctly quoted. 
  5. Always ensure the AMOUNT quoted on the receipt is the correct amount paid. 
  6. Ensure the account name is that of the College of Health and Well-Being, Kintampo.
  7. Cheques (payable only at the College’s Accounts Office)


Pay your CoHK fees at any branch of the following banks:

National Investment Bank (NIB)

GCB Bank Limited


Students who have problems with the payment of fees may visit the ACCOUNTS OFFICE or call telephone number ##########