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Information for Fresh Students

Admission Status

Applicants who gain admission are expected to receive text messages on the phone number provided during completion of the online application form. In cases where the messages are not delivered because of mobile network problems and wrong phone numbers, applicants are advised to visit the application portal to check their admission status by clicking on the “Admission List” link on the home page. Applicants who are not sure of the specific programme offered them are advised to use only names to check their status. Such persons may not find their names irrespective of whether they have been admitted or not.

Those who find their names are required to click the “print letter” button and provide the unique application reference number (e.g PS18/0001) which was generated during the application process to print the admission letter. Admitted students are also reminded to print the medical examination forms and proceed to pay the prescribed fees at the bank and undergo medical examination.

Applicants who have forgotten their application reference numbers should check the e-mail account for a copy of the application forms which have the reference numbers on them.

The Admissions Office may also be contacted for assistance in retrieving the number. Identity checks are usually conducted before the numbers are given.

Payment of Fees and Selection of Rooms

Admitted students should proceed to pay the provisional fees indicated in the admission letter before the deadline for payment of fees. Bank accounts and other bank details are indicated in the admission letters.

It should be noted that admission is an on-going process and that the University periodically updates the banks with new admission lists. There may therefore be occasions where applicants would not find their names at the bank. In such cases, applicants may not be able to pay fees until new lists are sent to the banks. We plead with students to bear with us in such cases.

Such persons are advised to wait for at least 24 hours after receiving the admission prompt before going to the bank to pay fees.

After payment of fees, admitted students are expected to receive text messages containing students’ index number and password which should be used to create students’ portal accounts. Students should visit the student portal and log into the portal using the registration number and the password which should be kept safe and secure.

Students are requested to select their rooms and update personal details on the portal. Students are informed that the same portal accounts will be used to do course registration later.

In the event that text messages are not delivered student may contact the Accounts or the ICT Office for assistance.

A student who receives a truncated message without a password could proceed to the portal, key in the registration number and reset the password. During password reset, students would be required to confirm the applicant’s phone number already in the university’s admission database. A new password will be sent immediately to the phone number which should be used to login.

Uses of Students Portal

Students are to note that they are able to use the portal for the following:

  • Viewing and updating personal details
  • Viewing statement of results
  • Registration of courses
  • Viewing examination timetable

Evaluating Lecturers

Reporting to Campus

Fresh students are to report on Monday, 10th January, 2022. Students are to note that, upon arrival, they should first report at their Halls of Residence where they will be required to register and receive keys to their rooms.

Staff and students leaders will be available to welcome and assist students to undergo all formalities on arrival.