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Admission Criteria

All applicants shall be evaluated and admitted based on their previous certificates, qualification, Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), work experience and recommendations from their employer.

Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Programme

Entry Category

Qualification Required Cumulative Grade Point Average Entry Level Number of Modules


Diploma 2.5 & above 300 4
2 Diploma Below 2.5 200


3 Certificate 2.5 & above 200



Diploma Programme



Qualification Required Cumulative Grade Point Average Entry Level

Number of Modules


Certificate Below 2.5 300 2
2 *Mature N/A 200


* Mature Applicants:

  1. 25 years and above
  2. Relevant work experience (on job training in RDSA, LAB, HR)
  3. Recommendation letter from employer
  4. Entrance Examination (English, Mathematics & General Knowledge)


For Applicants

This message is with regard to your application to pursue a programme in the college.

  1. You are invited for vetting/evaluation at the college on Monday 7th August 2023 at 9:00 am.
  2. Lectures start on Monday 21st August 2023.
  3. You are to pay a non-refundable vetting/evaluation fee of GH 250.00 upon arrival at the college before the vetting/evaluation. Accommodation is available for GH 20 (optional). All payments should be made on campus.
  4. You are also required to come along with the following documents: 
    1. Certificates and Transcripts
    2. Two (2) passport-size photographs
    3. Birth Certificate
    4. Print out of Online Application Form.


     5. Academic year user fees (Provisional) are as follows: 


Degree Programmes Diploma Programmes

Certificate / Mature Entry

Module I

GH₵ 2,295.00 GH₵ 1,945.00 GH₵ 1,845.00

Module II

GH₵ 2,105.00 GH₵1,755.00

GH₵ 1,655.00

Total GH 4,400.00 GH 3,700.00

GH 3,500.00

* Module fees should be paid in full at the beginning of each module.


   6. Hostel & Feeding fees (Provisional).

Room Type

Hostel User Feeding


2 in 1

GH₵ 375.00 GH₵ 810.00 GH 1,185.00

4 in 1

GH₵ 225.00

GH₵ 810.00

GH 1,035.00

6 in 1 GH₵ 195.00 GH₵ 810.00

GH₵ 1,005.00

* Feeding fees for all those who will choose to stay in any of the hostels is GH18.00 per day for the duration of the Sandwich programme.

Note: For students who want accommodation on campus will pay the respective total amount for the Hostel & Feeding fees depending on the type of room of their choice after receiving your index numbers.

Programmes Offered (Sandwich)

  • BSc. Physician Assistantship-Dental
  • BSc. Health Information Management
  • BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology
  • BSc. Community Mental Health
  • BSc. Disease Control
  • BSc. Nutrition
  • BSc. Health Promotion

* Mature (Diploma)

  • Disease Control
  • Health Information Management
  • Nutrition
  • Health Promotion
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Registered Dental Surgery Assistants

Modular Admissions_2023_2024 Academic Year

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